Monday, October 4, 2010

Who knew?

So apparently, going into a stranger's house alone under the pretense that you will be cooking for said stranger is frowned upon by the parentals.

To avoid a great deal of Catholic guilt and family grief, I'm going to significantly alter my goals (for this blog...and pretty much everything else):

What you can expect from me:
1. Delicious recipes that I find/love/write/pull from the family repertoire 
2. Tips when it comes to cooking a variety of dishes, planning dinner parties, or other fun cooking-related tidbits
3. Photographs of all the (hopefully) delicious food I'll be making and dinner parties I'll be hosting
4. The occasional instructional video *you're welcome, in advance*

Ok, so let's consider this blog, take two...


  1. Silly rabbit ;) i do miss our royal village dinner parties! I feel like you, me and jamie need some sort of joint blog to cover every base, ever! ;)

  2. Haha, I know! Those dinner parties were the you remember our Halloween party? Or our Thanksgiving dinner party :) so much fun!