Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lesson One: Things Hardly Ever Go as Planned

Today I had two personal chef-related goals:
1. Purchase a how-to book on personal chefhood
2. Get a lovely blowtorch

Neither one of those objectives was accomplished today (sadness)

The day started off well...a trip to the pumpkin patch was successful. We walked away with two HUGE pumpkins and a jar of homemade pumpkin butter (I am so excited to try this).

Then the rain set in, and we began our one-hour trek back to the Tucson area with the intention of going to Borders to buy the how-to book.

Unfortunately, they did not have it in stock! So I ordered it and now I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. I was hoping to read that tonight and start making my business plan ASAP. I can wait...

So, goal numero uno = failure. Goal numero dos didn't really fly either...

I realized I know very little about blowtorches. And those are some pretty intense tools, so I figure the next few days I will be researching which type of blowtorch I want to purchase. More on that next time.

Until then, buon appetito!

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