Friday, October 1, 2010

Julia Child is my hero...

Okay, so I have to admit that the title of my blog came from the famous (and beloved) Julia Child. 

"I think every woman should have a blowtorch." -- Julia Child

I agree wholeheartedly, Mrs. Child. 

If it wasn't fairly obvious enough, I'm an aspiring personal chef. I've only just begun my journey into personal chefhood. I'm researching local businesses, trying to see how my idea fits in with the "competitors," and all the other fun things that come with starting a business.

You see, all those exciting things I plan on sharing with you! Like, for instance, did you know that you do not need a certificate from the health department (at least in Arizona) if you are working solely from a client's kitchen and using food stored solely at your client's house? I did not. It's true--personal chefs do not need to worry about the same things as caterers, and other chefs.

Tomorrow morning I'm taking a trip to the wonderful Borders bookstore to find me a "how-to-be-the-world's-best-personal-chef-in-history book." You know the ones...
I'm also going to by myself a blowtorch from the hardware store. I figure if we're going to be internet friends I should at least be honest with you...I am not yet the proud owner of a blowtorch (and, no, I'm not talking about those miniature ones you buy at Williams-Sonoma...oh no, I'm buying a real one). But soon, my precious, soon...

And just so we are on the same page here, you can expect the following from me:
1. My honest opinion
2. Stories (both good and bad) about my experiences as an aspiring personal chef
3. Recipes!! 
4. The occasional overly-sarcastic blog post

Okay, friends, it's bedtime for me on the West-ish coast. Until next time, buon appetito!

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